Elite Strength, Fitness and Conditioning with CrossFit
Monday December 18th 2017


No annual fee, no contract, no up front payment in advance, no frills- you only pay for what you have signed up for.

We believe in being fair to our members and offering the best deal we can.

Monthly Fee – Unlimited Sessions (BEST VALUE!)

– Individual Membership: $160
– Student Membership: $110 (only applicable to local students, foreign students will pay the normal rates of $160)
– Senior Membership (55 years old and above): $110

Single Session

– Casual (Drop In): $30

Private Sessions / Personal Training

Please call 84223062 or contact us here to enquire.

Download PDF for Full Membership Details here.

Steps to Sign Up for Your CrossFit Membership

Step #1: Attend the Fundamental Class to decide if Crossfit is right for you.

Step #2: If you enjoyed our training environment and are happy with our equipment, you may decide on the Membership Plan that best suits you.

Step #3: Make payment using Paypal. Cash is preferred on the spot. Contact us here for more payment details.

Step #4: Enjoy your Membership with immediate effect! Just choose which class you’d like to attend and keep us informed! Book your WOD via sms to 84223062 in this way – <NAME>, <CROSSFIT>, <Date/session time>

Download PDF for Full Membership Details here.

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“We don’t have the agility of gymnasts, the power of a weightlifter, or the endurance of a marathoner but we have more agility, power and endurance than any gymnast, weightlifter or marathoner.”
~ Coach Glassman


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