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Monday December 18th 2017

Lesson I have learned [rekindle your spirit!]


There is nothing more true in connection with human life than that we grow into the likeness of those things we contemplate. Literally and scientifically and necessarily true is it that “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” The “is” part is his character. His character is the sum total of his habits. His habits have been formed by· his conscious acts; but every conscious act is, as we have found, preceded by a thought.

And so we have it – thought on the one hand, character, life, and destiny on the other.

And simple it becomes when we bear in mind that it is simply the thought of the present moment, and the next moment when it is upon us, and then the next, and so on through all time.

One can in this way attain to whatever ideals he would attain to. Two steps are necessary:

(1) as the days pass, to form one’s ideals; and

(2) to follow them continually, whatever may arise, wherever they may lead him.

Always remember that the great and strong character is the one who is ever ready to sacrifice the present pleasure for the future good. He who will thus follow his highest ideals as they present themselves to him day after day, year after year, will find that as Dante, following his beloved from world to world, finally found her at the gates of Paradise, so he will find himself eventually at the same gates.

Life is not, we may say, for mere passing pleasure, but for the highest unfoldment that one can attain to, the noblest character that one can grow, and for the greatest service that one can render to all mankind. In this, however, we will find the highest pleasure, for in this the only real pleasure lies. He who would find it by any short cuts, or by entering upon any other paths, will inevitably find that his last state is always worse than his first; and if he proceed upon paths other than these he will find that he will never find real and lasting pleasure at all.

The question is not, “What are the conditions in our lives?
but, “How do we meet the conditions that we find there?

And whatever the conditions are, it is unwise and profitless to look upon them, even if they are conditions that we would have otherwise, in the attitude of complaint, for complaint will bring depression, and depression will weaken and possibly even kill the spirit that would engender the power that would enable us to bring into our lives an entirely new set of conditions.

In order to be concrete, even at the risk of being personal, I will say that there have come at various times into my life circumstances and conditions that I gladly would have run from at the time – conditions that caused at the time humiliation and shame and anguish of spirit.

But invariably, as sufficient time has passed, I – or anyone for that matter – have been able to look back and see clearly the part that every experience of the type just mentioned had to play in my life. I have seen the lessons it was essential for me to learn; and the result is that now I would not drop a single one of these experiences from my life, humiliating and hard to bear as they were at the time; no, not for the world.

This is a lesson I have learned: whatever conditions are in my life today that are not the easiest and most agreeable, and whatever conditions of this type all coming time may bring, I will take them just as they come, without complaint, without depression, and meet them in the wisest possible way; knowing that they are the best possible conditions that could be in my life at the time, or otherwise they would not be there; realizing the fact that, although I may not at the time see why they are in my life, although I may not see just what part they have to play, the time will come, and when it comes I will see it all, and thank God for every condition just as it came.

“Not everything that is faced can be changed,
but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”
~ James Baldwin

“True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future,
not to amuse ourselves with either hopes or fears but to rest satisfied with what we have, which is sufficient, for he that is so wants nothing. The greatest blessings of mankind
are within us and within our reach. A wise man is content with his lot, whatever it may be, without wishing for what he has not.”  

Read an interview about Daryl Cheng, who trains at CrossFit Hub. He recently topped the local leaderboard after 5 OPEN workouts. Join our CrossFit Community for latest news and updates!

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Banish STRESS from your life, lifestyle, health and FUTURE – CrossFit!


Just imagine how wonderful it can be if we can all take a little time to focus on what really matters in life! Lessen and reduce even work-related stress. Stress research today is still asking for the most part when adaptive processes stop being essential for life and become damaging to health. Why some individuals are more vulnerable to chronic stress than others is also an unresolved phenomenon. A recognized fact is that we all have certain neural, endocrine and immunological responses to stress – albeit different.

Aspects of problem-solving, communication, flexibility and  closeness (cohesion) are at the very heart of what makes the difference for success and results with stress. Some initial things that you can do as you look at your own personal situation and symptoms:

1.Look at causes, emotions, thoughts and actions

2.Be as detailed and accurate as you can, be honest and face the music, even if you do not like recognizing or acknowledging it.

3.Take a sneak-peak and reality check into your own personal levels of efficiency and operation, even under stress

4.Reactions and responses can be catalogued

5.You can become more hands-on, proactive following this method and cope better with stress

Come for your WOD regularly. Discipline is important. Keeping to regular WODs will help you build a strong mind, body and spirit.

You may be more or less of an irritable nature naturally, perhaps, provoked easily to anger. Someone says something or does something that you dislike, and your first impulse is to show resentment and possibly to give way to anger. If you are tired out and stressed often, it will become continually harder for you to refrain from anger, until resentment, anger, and possibly even hatred and revenge become characteristics of your nature, robbing it of its sunniness, its charm, and its brightness for all with whom you come in contact.

If, however, the instant the impulse to resentment and anger arises, with a strong mind and body, you check it then and there, and throw the mind on to some other object of thought, the power will gradually grow itself of doing this same thing more readily, more easily, as succeeding like causes present themselves, until by and by the time will come when there will be scarcely anything that can irritate you, and nothing that can impel you to anger; until by and by a matchless brightness and charm of nature and disposition will become habitually yours, a brightness and charm you would scarcely think possible today.

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer.
Always remember, you have within you
the strength, the patience, and the passion
to reach for the stars to change the world.”
 Harriet Tubman

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11 Ways to love change. It is constant.


One good reason why I love CrossFit: CrossFit prepares us for the unknowns and unknowable! Life is unpredictable. We are all in Life’s great play – comedy and tragedy, smiles and tears, sunshine and shadow, summer and winter, and in time we take all parts. We must take our part, whatever it may be, at any given time, always bravely and with a keen appreciation of every opportunity, and a keen alertness at every turn as the play progresses. Here are 11 Ways to love change. It is constant.

1) Brainstorm to discover new ways to integrate your work and life.

2) Have a family day at work.

3) Treat your co-workers or colleagues like your family members. Listen to their concerns when possible.

4) Be optimistic. It is a choice that you can make.

5) Give your friends and co-workers a smile, a pat on the shoulders, a nod etc.

6) Offer to help colleagues or co-workers who are swamped. Give support whenever you can.

7) Post family photos on a bulletin board at work.

8) Learn to love change. It is constant.

9) Admit mistakes. You will gain respect.

10) Do not feed the rumor mill.

11) Laugh at least 11 times a day. Lighten up!

A good “entrance” and a good “exit” contribute strongly to the playing of a deservedly worthy role. We are not always able perhaps to choose just as we would the details of our entrance, but the manner of our playing and the manner of our exit we can all determine, and this no man, no power can deny us; this in every human life can be made indeed most glorious, however humble it may begin, or however humble it may remain or exalted it may become, according to conventional standards of judgment.

Remember, CrossFit prepares YOU for the unknown and unknowable. Have you CrossFit today? Come join us for WOD!

“Look on every exit
as being an entrance
somewhere else.”
Tom Stoppard

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Crossfit – finding work-life balance

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Relaxation techniques and skills abound in multiple fields and disciplines, avail yourself of their insights and wisdom and try it out for yourself – you will quickly find the ones that make the most impact in your own life.

Soothing music of your taste and preference helps, regular exercising and workouts can also help. Getting involved in the community, volunteering, breaking away or taking a mini-vacation, just to change scenery, mood, perspective help a lot too. There is not much like a nights full and deep sleep to restore your body! Take full advantage, get out there, move and explore the wonderful world and people you are privileged being part of and contributing to, be part of life and actively effect your healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Remember, you CAN make a difference and impact your life, consequently impact those of others for the better.

Consulting with a fitness instructor, medical professional prior to starting any new exercise, putting demands on your body is advisable and recommended. Pace yourself, rest often and stay hydrated throughout. Gradually progress and add repetition, exercise longer and with more intensity. Avoid and protect yourself against injury, warming up and cooling down .

Yoga, Breathing Exercises, Relaxation, Stretching, Meditation, Workouts and Custom regimens works!

There are many ways in every day and a variety of sports and physical pursuits that can make the difference for you and get you off to a great start customizing your new lifestyle, working for overall wellness, balanced holistic and natural living.

Popular stretching and suppleness type light exercise regimens are to be recommended. Utilizing your skeletal, muscle and other systems in and of your body can make all the difference. You do not even need complex equipment, such as in the case of CrossFit. Just a well planned out workout routine, clear instructions from your coaches,  and your determination to live healthier will do! Do something every day ( up to 30 minutes/1 hour), Core and mid-section strengthening tones and enables your body’s optimal potential. Seriously, CrossFit is very effective to build your core.

CrossFit is very versatile and customizable for individual requirements, it has lots to offer. Abs, legs, back, core muscles , tone and form are all yours for the asking and taking. It does not have to cost you a lot of time. A traditional CrossFit WOD (workout of the day) is one hour session.

Instruction, positioning of our body, CrossFit instructors at our box, personal training or group corporate training are all available. Just ask. Beginner intro CrossFit class is offered and you might experience some stiffness initially, for you are using parts and muscles that you might not be using typically during the day. Stretch and warm up, drink lots of water and get help if you are not sure if it is right for you.

As opposed to seeing your exercising as an option, unpleasant task, must do, chore, you will be surprised to find CrossFit fun, enjoyable, challenging, highly effective and part of your routine, second nature – a new habit to replace bad old ones with!

 It does not come naturally for us, but we have to put our minds to it, commit and stick to a fixed regimen that is good for us in the short, medium and longer-term.  

When pulsed about committing to healthier living,  the exercise part is normally guessed at right away. For most of us it makes perfect sense. Even if we do not hop right to it and do something about it right away!

CrossFit WOD at the Hub 


5 x 4 T&G P. Snatch
(Work to a 4RM)

5 x 4 snatch balance
(Work to a 4RM)

4 x 8 Kang squats


Row 500m
21 KB swing (24/16kg)
Row 500m
15 KB swing
Row 500m
9 KB swing

I have discovered in life that
there are ways of getting almost
anywhere you want to go,
if you really want to go.”
~ Langston Hughes

“People who lack the clarity, courage,
or determination to follow their own
dreams will often find ways to discourage
yours. Live your truth and don’t EVER stop!”
~ Steve Maraboli

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Growing old gracefully – CrossFit!


Some people have come up to me and asked how difficult it is to learn CrossFit and a few have expressed some anxiety in doing CrossFit, unsure whether CrossFit is for them. They cite various reasons, such as never been exercising or workout for a pretty long time. Truth is, anyone can learn CrossFit. Even the seniors are doing well in CrossFit, passionate about it, and sticking to it! It’s all in the mind. In the degree that we attempt to use the thought or mind forces do we continually become able to use them more effectively. Progress might be slow at first, more rapid as we proceed.

Power grows by using, or, in other words, using brings a continually increasing power. This is governed by law the same as are all things in our lives, and all things in the universe about us.

Every act and advancement made by the musician is in full accordance with law. The same goes for sports person or an athlete. For example no one commencing the study of music can, for example, sit down to the piano and play the piece of a master at the first effort. He must not conclude, however, nor does he conclude, that the piece of the master cannot be played by him, or, for that matter, by anyone. He begins to practice the piece.

The law of the mind that we have already noticed comes to his aid, whereby his mind follows the music more readily, more rapidly, and more surely each succeeding time, and there also comes into operation and to his aid the law underlying the action of the reflex nerve system of the body, which we have also noticed, whereby his fingers co-ordinate their movements with the movements of his mind more readily, more rapidly, and more accurately each succeeding time; until by and by the time comes when that which he stumbles through at first, that in which there is no harmony, nothing but discord, finally reveals itself as the music of the master, the music that thrills and moves masses of men and women.

So it is in the use of your thought forces. It is the reiteration, the constant reiteration of the thought that grows the power of continually stronger thought-focusing, and that finally brings manifestation.

There is character building not only for the young but for the old as well. And what a difference there is in elderly people! How many grow old gracefully, through regular exercises, relaxation periods such as meditation, good diet, and how many grow old in ways of quite a different nature.

There is a sweetness and charm that combine for attractiveness in old age the same as there is something that cannot be described by these words.

Some grow continually more dear to their friends and to the members of their immediate households, while others become possessed of the idea that their friends and the members of their households have less of a regard for them than they formerly had, and many times they are not far wrong. The one continually sees more in life to enjoy, the other sees continually less. The one becomes more dear and attractive to others, the other less so.

And why is this? Through chance? By no means. Personally I do not believe there is any such thing as chance in the whole of human life, nor even in the world or the great universe in which we live. The one great law of cause and effect is absolute; and effect is always kindred to its own peculiar cause, although we may have at times to go back considerably farther than we are accustomed to in order to find the cause, the parent of this or that effect, or actualized, though not necessarily permanently actualized, condition.

Why, then, the vast difference in the two types of elderly people? The one keeps from worryings, and fearings, and frettings, and foundationless imaginings, while the other seems especially to cultivate these, to give himself or herself especially to them. And why is this? At a certain time in life, differing somewhat in different people, life-long mental states, habits, and characteristics begin to focus themselves and come to the surface, so to speak. Predominating thoughts and mental states begin to show themselves in actualized qualities and characteristics as never before, and no one is immune.

If one would have a beautiful and attractive old age, he must begin it in youth and in middle life. If, however, he has neglected or failed in this, he can then wisely adapt himself to circumstances and give himself zealously to putting into operation all necessary counter-balancing forces and influences. Where there is life nothing is ever irretrievably lost, though the enjoyment of the higher good may be long delayed. But if one would have an especially beautiful and attractive old age he must begin it in early and in middle life, for there comes by and by a sort of “rounding-up” process when long-lived-in habits of thought begin to take unto themselves a strongly dominating power, and the thought habits of a lifetime begin to come to the surface.

So, come regularly for your workouts and CrossFit WODs! And if you have not done so, sign up for the CrossFit intro class and learn what CrossFit is about. Come meet new friends who are passionate about life and living. We are one happy and joyous CrossFit community!

CrossFit WOD at the Hub

10 to 1 Burpee pull ups

Strength WOD
7 x 3 @ 80%
Bench press
Strict press

“Believe in yourself and all that you are.
Know that there is something inside you
that is GREATER than any obstacle.”
~ Christian D Larson

“The difference between
the impossible and the possible
lies in a person’s determination”
~ Tommy Lasorda

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Looking good, taking care of yourself – through CrossFit


Everybody needs a break. Laughter liberates the spirit and instills a person with positive energy.

One needs to nurture their hearts and respect their subtle bodies. Regular schedules of pampering will allow the mind to relax –warm baths, regular massages, disciplined exercise routines, working out, time with nature, and creating sacred space.

It is important to first “energetically embody” what you want to attract. Recognize your strengths and start to focus on them. Extend “heart energy” outward, and let the love flow through you. Meditate on a regular basis to give rise to consciousness, overall quality, and mood levels.

Commit to “emotional housecleaning” and “physical housecleaning” by not letting negativity build-up. Pick up an exercise routine that you are passionate about, such as CrossFit, and stick to it regularly.

In life, energy vampires will suck energy. During the time that one is in its midst, they will  feel compulsive, drained, or tired. Energy vampires are those people that suffer the unquenchable need to be “fed” because of the energy leaks they have developed during a disrupted or neglected past life events or even childhood.

Some common “vampire” methods are the “sob sister”, “the blamer”, “the drama queen”, constant talker or joke-teller, the “fixer-upper”, nice socializer, “go-for-the-jugular friend”, crowds that drain, and unintentional sappers. Fixer-upper is person always playing advisor or therapist; they have lots of potential yet no commitment to make it into reality.

Give generously, tithe money, volunteer anytime, good deeds, and appreciate what you have. Understand that everything is bonded together energetically, so that whatever is given out mirrors what will be given back. Release this formula and offer generosity from the heart.

CrossFit WOD at the Hub


5 x 2 snatch @ 75 – 80%

5/3 strict pull ups

5 rounds
30 DUs
15 wallballs
7 Power snatches (50/35kg)

“Be patient. Good things
come to those who wait.”

“Do you have the patience to wait
until your mud settles and the
water is clear? Can you remain
unmoving until the right action
arises by itself?”
~ Lao Tzu

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Keep stress at bay with CrossFit


It seems that much more important then that we prepare ourselves better to deal with these demands and issues in our lives and existence just a little better. Many research pioneers in this field, argue that the inability to cope with life, stressful events, scenarios, not coping, can put us increasingly at risk and may even underlie disease and development of illness.

Dr. Hans Selye  was one of the first as early as the 1950s to point out that  neuro-endrocrinological factors are at play with things like stress.  We need to be able to adapt to the environment, stimuli and ‘stressors’, the effects on body, spirit, soul, mind, thoughts, actions etc. IN ORDER TO STAY AND BE HEALTHY! What better motivation then can there be than to embrace fitness and crossfit to cope with stress better, and getting rid of it for good!

Here are some tips for coping and dismissing stress from your Life, reacting and responding appropriately and with purpose to stress, its demands and effects:

1. Be in the moment (When you CrossFit, stay with the person who CrossFit!)

2. Resolve

3. Release

4. Focus on the present

5. Do not obsess over/about and let go of the past

6. Address and do not avoid issues as they will only get worse

7. Rid yourself of all regret, disappointment, anger and grief.

8. Pleasant thoughts

9. Calming and inner peace techniques

10. Balance your living, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle MORE – as a healthy body houses a well soul!

Remember, never despair, feel defeated at setbacks or difficulties! YOU CAN OVERCOME AND TAKE FULL CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE AND OF STRESS!

You, too can make the most of things like:

  • Cleansing breaths
  • Music can also help you relax
  • Opt for things and places, where you feel safe, peaceful, restful, beautiful and happy. Come join our CrossFit community for a new, different experience!
  • Seeing in your mind’s eye a scene, place or event
  • Sensory experiences can help you  handle stress and pressure better and more effectively
  • Serenity and beauty for you will help you make sense of the present better – it is like giving yourself a head-start
  • Use Imagery substitutes
  • Draw on your own actual experiences
  • Dreams and ideals can also help you cope with the day-to-day stress of your life.

CrossFit WOD at the Hub:


5 x 3 deadlifts

5 rounds
12 deadlifts (70/50kg)
9 hang power cleans
6 push jerks

“A simple life is not seeing how little we can get by with
– that’s poverty –
but how efficiently we can put first things first..
When you’re clear about your purpose and your priorities,
you can painlessly discard whatever does not support these,
whether it’s clutter in your cabinets or commitments
on your calendar.”

~ Victoria Moran

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To relax, i work out [this is my escape!]


I find these tips from a practicing psychiatrist, lecturer, author named Dr. Judith Orloff useful. There is an energy vibe or field that emanates from everything that one encounters.  From the food we eat to the friends we have to the current events.  How one responds to these vibrations can undermine or enliven one’s sense of vitality.  Here are 4 ways of creating positive energy:

(1) “Be aware of energy”

The “language of energy” is intuition.  This is a direct connection to the “God force” and us.  The first step is determining your level of sensitivity: are you an “empath”?  A person referred to as an “empath”, is one who process every stress in their body, and are more vulnerable to absorb the energetic residues of global and personal traumas.

They’re prone to negativity, be it small or big, and a lot of empaths have constantly low energy.  They experience “intuitive overload” that causes psychosomatic symptoms, addictive behavior, and depression.  Some empaths may have been practicing maladaptive patterns like overeating, to armor themselves.  A countering technique to armoring is centering meditation.

(2) “Find a Nourishing Spiritual Path”

Pray, meditate, let go, incorporate silence, breathe.  The key to surviving globally and personally is awakening the heart.  A fundamental act of “self-love” is giving one’s self the “gift” of spirituality.

(3) “Design an Energy-Aware Approach to Diet, Fitness, and Health”

Generally, eating disorders are “energy-based”.  People, specifically those who are highly sensitive, often eat to block out worrying energies.  Pinpoint the stressor, even the littlest ones.  Breathe negative energies out of the system.  Pray to let go of the craving, burn sage, or take a shower.  Find food that energize the body, add physical exercise, and have enough sleep. My favorite is moving your body!

(4) “Generate Positive Emotional Energy to Counter Negativity”

List down all your fears.  Answer them. Listen to deeper truths, pray, and make a “gratitude list” (this one is topmost on my list).  Visit a place that’s energetically uplifting.  The energy fields lodge old traumas, so look for energy work like acupuncture or healing massage.  Avoid the absorption of other people’s fears.  Release anger, negative states, and self-loathing.  Forgiveness liberates one’s energy and enhances their life force.

Have you workout today? Come join us for WOD!

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