Fitness is for everyone.
That’s why we keep our prices low.

CrossFit Hub Singapore FitnessWe believe that fitness is for everyone.

That’s why we offer the most affordable rates for a CrossFit membership in Singapore. We have no annual fee, no contracts, no payment in advance, no GST, no frills. You only need to pay for what you have signed up for.

We’re constantly expanding our facility and upgrading our equipment, while keeping cost to our members low.

Our membership schemes are simple because c’mon.. learning a handstand push up is complex enough. We don’t want to waste your time and confuse you with all sorts of membership options. Check them out below.

$180 Monthly Unlimited (*$120 for Senior Citizens)

Tried CrossFit and love it? This option is for you. This membership entitles you to attend any CrossFit class on our schedule, as many times as you like, for 30 days upon making payment. For example, if you start your membership on the 10th of Jan, your membership will last till the 9th of Feb. You are not required to sign up long term to enjoy this rate.
*Senior Citizen rate is applicable as long as you are 60 years old and above.
*You are required to attend at least 2 month of beginner classes before joining our regular classes, unless you have prior experience at another CrossFit Affiliate.

$150 Student Membership

All full time local students get to enjoy this is a special rate which entitles you to attend unlimited classes in a month. However, you are required to attend at least 1 month of Beginner Classes before joining the Regular Classes, unless you have prior experience at another CrossFit Affiliate. To check when are these classes available, kindly refer to our class schedule
*Student rate is only valid for full-time local students. Student pass is required for verification upon making payment.

$30 drop in

Not ready to commit to a month? That’s ok.
You can still drop in and pay per session as long as you have gone through our CrossFit Intro Class.
If you’re a visiting CrossFitter from somewhere around the globe and need to get a WOD done, this option is also open for you!

$20 Intro Class

If you would like to try out what CrossFit is all about, come join our 60 min CrossFit Intro Class. Please take note that it is compulsory for you to attend at least one intro class before signing up unless you are an experienced CrossFitter visiting or moving to Singapore.

Personal Training

Need more personalised attention, or want to work towards a specific goal? We can arrange personal training arrangements with you. By applying the principles of CrossFit, we’ve helped personal clients achieve their goals – be it cutting body fat, or working on your mobility to achieve a full squat.

Contact us here to enquire. We’d love to hear from you.

Corporate Programs/ Group Training

CrossFit is not only a great way to work on fitness, it’s also an effective tool for team bonding. Going through a workout together might not seem like anything special until you experience it for yourself. Simple acts like cheering for each other, or sharing a bottle of water, really helps to solidify a community aspect between co-workers.

Contact us here to enquire. We’d love to hear from you.

Here’s How You Can Sign Up For a CrossFit Membership

CrossFit Hub Singapore

Yana on the ropes at the Reebok CrossFit Games Asia Regionals 2013. Photo Credit: Norman Jaillet Photography

Step 1

Attend our CrossFit Intro Class to decide if CrossFit is right for you. Make sure you book yourself a slot 12 hrs in advance. You are required to show up 10 mins before class to register and make cash payment of $20.

Step 2
If you enjoyed the session, and want to get into the swing of it, you may book your first class with us. We strongly recommend you go through our beginner classes consistently for 1 to 2 months before joining our regular class. If you’re not so sure yet, you can still attend another Intro Class. Either way, be sure to book your class by SMS or email!

Step 3
Come for your next class and make cash payment on the spot. You can choose to pay per drop in ($30), or sign up for a monthly membership. Kindly refer to our schedule to find out more on the types of CrossFit classes available. Contact us here for alternative payment options.

Step 4
Enjoy your CrossFit membership for the next 30 days! Remember to book yourself a class before coming down!

Kindly take note that to join in the Regular CrossFit class, you must have either one of the following:
– complete at least 1 CrossFit Intro Class with us, and preferably attend 1 to 2 months of beginner class
–  at least 6 months of CrossFit experience at a CrossFit affiliate (if you are a visiting CrossFitter)

Please book your class 12 hours in advance through email or SMS.

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